Here it is, 3:42 AM and I'm awake. Again. Still. Not sure how long I've been awake. I try not to look at the clock, but eventually I give in. I'm guessing 2, 3 hours. Tonight I woke up with a jerk from some dream. Don't remember much about it except that it made me nervous. Anxious when I was asleep, now I'm too anxious to drift back. Tried to empty my mind, relax my body, think about something else. My eyes kept popping open, and I couldn't slow my breathing. So here I am. 

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Hair, Spider-webs, and More

What am I doing up at 1:00 in the morning, you may ask. Except for very rare occurrences, I have been in bed by midnight on the dot every night for months. It's like instead of a bedtime instituted by parents, I'm being bossed around by my son and my job. Three nights ago, I stayed up this late because I was watching VH1's All Access: Awesomely Bad Hair. Yeah, that show will suck a person in. It's like a train wreck - you just can't look away.

Tonight I am up late because I went to bed at the old person-esque hour of 10:30. I spent the entire second half of the day shopping for things to make my parents' house look presentable for the reception, cleaning the house, and just generally exhausting myself. Then when we got home, I had to make dinner. After that I wanted to take a nice hot bath to relax, but there was no hot water. Now this is interesting considering that we had no hot water for four days this week because our hot water heated was busted and we were waiting for the plumber to replace it, which he did on Thursday. I think maybe, for safety, he set the temperature on the thing so low that it makes nothing warmer than lukewarm water. Suffice it to say that my lukewarm bath was not particularly relaxing, especially since the temperature of the downstairs is a consistent 50 degrees any time the air conditioning is on. So I bundled up in warm pajamas and a robe and tried to spend some QT with the library book I have already had to renew three times. Yeah...I got through about half a chapter and then I closed my eyes, and couldn't open them again. About 10 minutes later I dragged them open, said screw it, and went to bed. Now I'm awake and waiting up for my husband to get home from the bar. What fun.