So, a few weeks ago I had my employee review. Apparently I am not answering the phone happily enough, or greeting the clients with enough friendliness when they come in. My boss told me that, get this, I should be more like a Hooter's girl. When I just looked at him, like, um, what? he said, "I don't care what you think about Hooters. Some of my friends' kids work at Hooters. Those girls are just like any other girls, just trying to make money, except they wear shorts to work instead of long pants." Yeah, right. 

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The Last Straw

I did not think it was possible to hate U-Haul anymore than I already did, but I was badly badly mistaken. They told me they were going to refund my money and it would be in my checking account by Wednesday morning, so I set up a credit card payment for yesterday morning. Yeah, they didn't put the money back in my account so I got charged the stupid $20 overdraft fee by the bank. Then, I call U-Haul and they tell me they will "review my case" and call me back. I said what about my $20? They're like, we'll call you back. Did they call me back??? Of course not, so now I've got to call them back AGAIN today and hope I can get this garbage straightened out. Not only have I sworn off of U-Haul for life, but I'm also pretty darn leery of using my credit cards on-line anymore. Of course, usually I don't give them my check-card #. ARGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You People Are Driving Me Nuts!!!

U-Haul employees that is. I tried to reserve a storage unit on-line. The website wouldn't let me, and then those ******** charged me anyway. So when I finally discovered this atrocity, I spent hours getting it straightened out. To make an interminable saga short, I was transferred about 10 times, on hold for about 15 minutes each time, got disconnected 4 times, had to wait for someone to call me back twice, and talked to about 5 people who claimed to have no idea what I was talking about, only to finally be refunded my money, and told that many many people have had this problem lately due to a website malfunction. Grrrrrrr!!!

On a happier note, I picked out a cake today, and it will only cost $175. I've got the DJ booked, and I may not have to rent tables after all, as we've got connections at the Albany Lions Club (Justin's Grandpa). Now all I really need to do is buy a dress and something for Jordan to wear. Oh yeah, decide on a menu, buy the food, make it, clean and organize my parents' house, reserve a tent, find addresses for my last few invitations, and finalize the Target registry. I thought I was done with that, but then I remembered that I wanted to add some cookbooks, which for some reason I can't do on-line. Something to do with them being allied with Amazon, I think.