Your Daughter Is A Rock Star!

A few weeks ago Jordan informed me that he's in the highest reading group in his class. Last week he told me that he'd moved up to 6th grade spelling. And this week we received the following email from Sasha's teacher.

Your Daughter Is A Rock Star!

Hannah - I forgot to mention this to you when you were in our room today. I told Sasha I would email or call you both to let you know that she did a great job working on kidblog today. I took my whole class to the computer lab today to write about their favorite fall activities. Sasha ended up being my hero. She listened well to directions because getting to kid blog and logging on can be tough. She also started walking around and helping everyone who needed help. She did it in such a nice way and was really patient with everyone (when I was about ready to pull my hair out lol.)

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Two Reasons I Love the Kids' School

1. They do fun and creative things like surprise the kids with a break-out "flash mob" dance from their teachers during an assembly.



2. The afternoon before the huge December snowstorm (we got 18-20 inches of snow here!), Jordan was in a panic. He left his boots on the bus, and the next day had already been declared a snow day. I called the school in a panic. They gave me the bus driver's cell phone #. I called him in a panic and left a message. (Are you sensing a theme here? Yep, panic it is!). An hour later he called me back, said he had the boots and would drop them off at our house in 5 minutes. And he did! Good thing too, because the kids had two snow days in a row and then Christmas vacation began. Can you imagine being a 10 year old boy with two weeks off of school, 20 inches of snow to play in and no snow boots?!?

Persuasive Writing

Jordan's been learning about persuasive writing in school. Here are two of his assignments. Notice the blatant emotional appeal. Needless to say, he got a raise in his allowance (although not quite the amount he was aiming for) and if there was any way we could squeeze a dog into the budget, we would now be the proud owners of one.

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Update on the Jo

Jordan's parent teacher conference was last week. He's doing great, as usual. Not surprising considering how much he loves school. Apparently he's always nice and cheerful and well-behaved, which makes me wonder why I don't always get the Jordan at home. I guess if he's got to misbehave somewhere, I'd rather have it be at home than in public.

I got a bit of surprise when his teacher told me that he'd been tested to see if he should move into Gifted and Talented math. It looks like he'll be fine in regular math for now, but they're going to keep an eye on him and he might move later this year.

Reading's going really well too. They want the kids to be reading at a level 22 by the end of the year, and he's been at a level 23 since the end of first grade. I guess all the hours and hours we've spent reading to him are really paying off. I'm so very happy that he loves to read. I read a chapter from a book to him every night at bedtime (we're doing Charlie and the Chocolate Factory right now) and he's reading chapter books on his own as well. He still really loves art and also writing.