Holding the Bath Mats Hostage

My husband and I never really sat down and discussed who was going to do what when we got married. For the most part we naturally fell into pretty traditional gender roles. He's always worked full time (or more), second shift for the most part, and I've always worked part time. So while he's has always helped out around the house and with the kids, I've done the bulk of the childcare, day-to day-housework (cooking, laundry, picking up, watering the garden etc.) and overall running of the house (organizing, planning, scheduling, filling out paperwork etc.) for most of our married life.

Every  once in a while we get into a small "discussion" over who has more responsibilities and how they should be divided (usually when I'm feeling particularly overwhelmed and/or annoyed that something he said he would do isn't getting done as quickly as I would like it to) but for the most part we just carry on doing the things the way we've always done them.

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Hard To Believe, But True

Last night I was at the computer (working on this blog actually) while Jordan was getting ready for bed. He had just gone to the bathroom when he came over and informed me that his butt hurt. So I told him to bend over so I could see if anything was wrong. While he's bent over pants-less and I'm leaning over to see what's going on, our neighbor walks up to the front (screen) door to let us know that he put Jordan's bike by our garage door. So he gets a lovely view of me inspecting my son's butt. I started laughing hysterically, told Jordan it looked fine, but he could put some ointment on it if he wanted and thanked the neighbor. Meanwhile, Jordan looked up, startled, fell over and crawled behind the coffee table to put his butt out of view. 

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