Holding the Bath Mats Hostage

My husband and I never really sat down and discussed who was going to do what when we got married. For the most part we naturally fell into pretty traditional gender roles. He's always worked full time (or more), second shift for the most part, and I've always worked part time. So while he's has always helped out around the house and with the kids, I've done the bulk of the childcare, day-to day-housework (cooking, laundry, picking up, watering the garden etc.) and overall running of the house (organizing, planning, scheduling, filling out paperwork etc.) for most of our married life.

Every  once in a while we get into a small "discussion" over who has more responsibilities and how they should be divided (usually when I'm feeling particularly overwhelmed and/or annoyed that something he said he would do isn't getting done as quickly as I would like it to) but for the most part we just carry on doing the things the way we've always done them.

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Feng Shui?

I'm not really into feng shui. Maybe sort of surprising considering all of the other things that I'm into, but it's true. The thing is though, that I noticed that my furniture arrangement is totally affecting my life and my priorities. Ever since we moved to our new place and put the computer in our bedroom because there's no room in the living room, things have been different. I balance my checkbook less than once a week instead of every other day. I write in my blog almost never. I check other people's blogs less than once a week instead of almost every day. I play almost no Spider Solitaire. Internet radio usage is almost non-existent. Even internet shopping has lapsed. It's odd how much things have changed actually. Pretty soon I may not even need my computer, and my living-on-an-island plan will come to fruition.

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Less Stuff, More Food?

omehow I keep reading these murder mystery novels where the protagonists are living these incredibly epicurean lifestyles. Even if their homes are not quite Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous (or MTV Cribs) caliber, these people eat, drink, and usually dress exceedingly well. Pages upon pages are dedicated to describing wine, brandy, and gourmet meals.

One of the characters in the last book I read lived in a shack out in the boondocks with a tent behind functioning as her art studio/aromatherapy lab. She worked as a waitress at a very posh restaurant/wine bar and got to eat and mingle with the clientele (in fact she dated the owner and inherited his house when he died). 

This leads me to believe that perhaps I should be less interested in acquiring worldly goods such as pantry organizers, filing cabinets, children's toys and the like, and instead should dedicate myself to living a simple uncluttered life dedicated to the pursuit of fine dining. 

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