I Survived Craft Fair #2

Last weekend I did my second craft fair. In case anyone couldn't tell by the fact that I've been MIA on any and all social networking sites for the last few weeks, I was a bit busy getting ready. Translated that means, running around like a crazy chicken with my head cut off. But I made it. And I even made some money. 

Of course, I didn't have nearly as much stuff made as I wanted to/should have, so I didn't make nearly as money as I wanted to/should have. But I did make a small profit after covering my entry fee. And Justin and I had a nice relaxing (ie. kid-free) day together manning my booth. The weather was beautiful and the park where the craft fair was held was very nice. I sold some of my fabulous peppermint bath salts, a cute and cool girl's poncho, one of the water bottle holders I'm so proud of, and a whole bunch of beaded elastic bracelets. 

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Water, Water Everywhere...

We have tadpoles swimming in our backyard. I really can't believe it. I stand in the dining room and look out into the middle of our backyard and I see what seems like hundreds of tadpoles swimming around, sometimes even leaping out of the water. The kids think it's fabulous and have taken to wading in with Jordan's butterfly net to catch them.

Yes, the marsh is now covering about half of our yard, the new compost pile is completely underwater, and the willow tree we planted on what used to be the edge of the marsh is drowned under several inches of water. A family of geese (mom, dad and three babies) has made our yard their home (ie. toilet). Yet I can't find it in myself to be upset. Our home has been spared unlike so many others, and the kids are having a blast. Plus I can get a lot of weeding done in the garden while they're tadpole-hunting.

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