Water, Water Everywhere...

We have tadpoles swimming in our backyard. I really can't believe it. I stand in the dining room and look out into the middle of our backyard and I see what seems like hundreds of tadpoles swimming around, sometimes even leaping out of the water. The kids think it's fabulous and have taken to wading in with Jordan's butterfly net to catch them.

Yes, the marsh is now covering about half of our yard, the new compost pile is completely underwater, and the willow tree we planted on what used to be the edge of the marsh is drowned under several inches of water. A family of geese (mom, dad and three babies) has made our yard their home (ie. toilet). Yet I can't find it in myself to be upset. Our home has been spared unlike so many others, and the kids are having a blast. Plus I can get a lot of weeding done in the garden while they're tadpole-hunting.

Life continues to surprise me. And speaking of surprises, when I checked my email yesterday, I discovered that I'd made my first sale on Etsy. So exciting! My crafts business is (sort of) taking off. I sold one of my small drawstring crochet cases and am now listing them as a custom item - size, color and type of yarn your choice. Check out my shop at www.rainwaterlily.etsy.com!