Rain, Rain, Go Away

I like rain. Actually I love rain. It makes me moody and happy all at once. One of my favorite feelings. I love to watch rain, listen to it, stand out in it, smell it. I just wish my backyard wasn't full of it. The marsh behind our house has officially taken over our yard. Last year's compost pile is a foot under water, and the new one is well on it's way to being submerged. While I was fine with losing about 8 feet of the the thistle field that was the back of our backyard, losing approximately half of the backyard to water is a bit much. Actually the front yard is pretty much one giant puddle too. Ah, well...not much I can do about it.

At least we don't have to go far to find wildlife to expose the kids to. Last Thursday afternoon two of my less squeamish sisters came over to play Frog Hunt with the kids. Jordan, Sasha and our neighbor Abby were thrilled to see and feel a toad, a pine snake, several frogs and some giant earthworms. Even I, who as just about everyone knows, am "such a total girl", was pretty excited by the nature extravaganza. Two of the frogs even still had their little tail stumps. So cool. Especially when the girls put one in our (overflowing) rain barrel so we could get a close up look at the frog in action. I just hope that my garden keeps growing and that the new willow trees we just planted survive the deluge.