Hair, Spider-webs, and More

What am I doing up at 1:00 in the morning, you may ask. Except for very rare occurrences, I have been in bed by midnight on the dot every night for months. It's like instead of a bedtime instituted by parents, I'm being bossed around by my son and my job. Three nights ago, I stayed up this late because I was watching VH1's All Access: Awesomely Bad Hair. Yeah, that show will suck a person in. It's like a train wreck - you just can't look away.

Tonight I am up late because I went to bed at the old person-esque hour of 10:30. I spent the entire second half of the day shopping for things to make my parents' house look presentable for the reception, cleaning the house, and just generally exhausting myself. Then when we got home, I had to make dinner. After that I wanted to take a nice hot bath to relax, but there was no hot water. Now this is interesting considering that we had no hot water for four days this week because our hot water heated was busted and we were waiting for the plumber to replace it, which he did on Thursday. I think maybe, for safety, he set the temperature on the thing so low that it makes nothing warmer than lukewarm water. Suffice it to say that my lukewarm bath was not particularly relaxing, especially since the temperature of the downstairs is a consistent 50 degrees any time the air conditioning is on. So I bundled up in warm pajamas and a robe and tried to spend some QT with the library book I have already had to renew three times. Yeah...I got through about half a chapter and then I closed my eyes, and couldn't open them again. About 10 minutes later I dragged them open, said screw it, and went to bed. Now I'm awake and waiting up for my husband to get home from the bar. What fun.

Busy Busy

For crying out loud Melody, I am not slacking, I am BUSY! Right now I am at work, risking the wrath of my boss by writing on my blog while I am supposed to be working. Actually, I doubt he would be TOO wrathful, and technically I have nothing to do. I'm sure he would give me something to do, but I'm also sure that it would be more trouble for him than it would be worth.

Anyway, the busyness Heather knows, my sister suckered me into having a Partylite candle show, because she needed one more booking from her party to get some more free stuff, so I did it. And let me tell you, it is a lot of work to host one of those buggers. I have been busy collecting orders and all that nonsense all week, not to mention the work involved in trying to figure out what I want to order with my beautiful free shopping spree and discounted items.

Besides all that trauma, Justin and I are looking for an apt. for July and I have spent all week circling ads, making a chart to check off which apartments have the features we want, and calling the aforementioned apartments. Let me tell you it is not that easy to find an apt. with a garage or underground parking and a washer and dryer hook up in the apartment all for under $750, especially on the West side. But have no fear, we will prevail. Actually the apartment he's currently renting has all those amenities and a second bathroom for $735, but he doesn't want to live there anymore because some noisy people moved in upstairs and it's right across from the police station and the fire station, so there are loud sirens at all hours of the night.

Can I just say that I actually got to watch American Idol this week (due to the fact that the NBA Championships have taken over TNT and Law and Order is MIA) and I was shocked and horrified. Why oh why was Joshua Gracin not voted off??? What is this world coming to? And does anyone think that anyone over the age of 14 who is not a gay man (a very tasteless gay man) will buy a Justin Guarini album? Also, in spite of my disgust for all reality shows romantic, I did get suckered into watching Mr. Personality, and then found myself drawn in by the hideousness of it all. It was especially entertaining that two guys totally chickened out, knew they were going to lose, and took off their masks to make a preemptive strike. Come on people, take it like a man!

Bugger it, I have only wasted 14 minutes of this interminable hour and a half left to go, and with my luck the mail will be late, and I will have nothing at ALL to do the entire time I'm here.


Everyone's life sounds much more interesting than mine. The only thing that makes my day exciting is if I only have to change Jordan's clothes once. He tends to go through outfits and changing pads as fast as he goes through diapers. I accidentally saw some of that "great" reality show "Man vs. Beast" or whatever it's called. Ugh, that is just disgusting...50 little people vs an elephant in an airplane pulling competition, the world eating champion vs. a bear in a hot dot eating competition...who comes up with this garbage???

And did anyone else see the promo for Bridezilla? What the heck. The only funny thing about that is that I myself was confronted with quite a few "bridezillas" while working at the parking ramp. Which reminds me, I have got to start looking for a job. Blah. So far, being sick has saved me from the dreaded world of working people, but now I am recovering, and will have to start the search.


Well, yesterday was my last day at my oh so lovely job at the parking ramp. My mom got all teary-eyed, said it was "the end of an era". My dad also is sad, because he will no longer have the opportunity to buy me lunch two days a week on my break (he worked about a block from the ramp). I, of course, am ecstatic, and can not even imagine the joy of having at least six weeks off of work. My boss actually gave me a $25 gift certificate to Toys R US for the kid and thanked me for working there which both shocked and pleased me. 

If Heather is reading this, she will be pleased to know that I do indeed read her bloggy, but I do not watch the Bachelor, and I can not go along with her theory that brunettes are intrinsically better. Also, I mourn the loss of her slippers while imagining how much they probably do smell.

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Law & Order

Clare dreams about her teeth falling out, I dream about Law & Order. Yes, I am truly addicted. TNT has sucked me in, and now all my spare (and not so spare) time is spent watching L&O. Mondays are the greatest because they play at least four episodes in a row. Weekends suck because L&O time is replaced by movies (of course, the Thomas Crowne Affair was on this weekend, so I guess I can forgive them for that). And then of course there is L&O Special Victims Unit, and that other one I can never remember with Vincent D'Onofrio. CSI wants to be L&O but will never make it, even with the new Miami version, which also wants to be Miami Vice. Why am I going on and on about this? I don't know. All I know is that I now make up new episodes of Law and Order in my sleep.