Update in World Record Time

Hannah's News: Busy with nothing interesting, job good, boss okay I guess, want summer to last forever. Justin's News: full of snot, taking enough generic allergy medicine to kill an elephant, just discovered you can get Claritin over the counter (living in cave???).

Jordan's News: opened closed door by himself, practices walking up and down the stairs on his own when he thinks I'm not looking, seems to have his dad's allergies, lucky me!

Birdies and Bananas and Crackers, Oh No!

Well, we got a fire going, no problem. It did rain a little bit at night, but it was nice and sunny in the morning. Justin grilled our steaks perfectly, using a technique he learned from a show about cowboy cooking on the Food Network, and our s'mores were definitely melted. And Jordan slept just fine at Grandpa's, which is a miracle, considering he hasn't slept anywhere but his own bed at home in a year. 

We took Jordan in for his 18 month checkup on Friday, and I feel bad, because when the doctor asked us about how Jordan's talking was coming along, I pretty much failed as a mom. 

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