Praying for Polie

Every night when we say our night time prayers, we end with "And please bless Daddy and Mommy and Karlye and Jordan and Sasha and all our family and friends." Since we've gotten a dog, Sasha has insisted on adding Charlie to that list. Lately she's gotten very attached to Polie, the stuffed polar bear we bought her when I was pregnant with her. For the last couple of weeks, she's also insisted on adding Polie to the line up. Tonight, she asked God to help Polie's cold get better. He doesn't have a cold, as far as I know. I do, but I guess that doesn't rate with Miss Sasha. Half an hour later, I was saying night time prayers with Jordan. We got to "and all our family and friends" and Sasha yelled from her room, "AND POLIE!!!"

The Power of Prayer

Although Jordan loves winter and winter sports, he's been ready for spring for quite a while now. Really, I think he's ready for summer. He actually cried one of the last times that it snowed. Also, yesterday was the first sunny day we've had in a while. At breakfast time he told me that he'd prayed to God while he was taking a shower the night before and asked him to make it sunny the next day. He said he'd given God a whole list of reasons to make it sunny. One of the reasons was, "because I wouldn't have eaten the fruit in the Garden." Such confidence!