This month we had several firsts. Sasha lost her first two teeth. She actually pulled the first one out herself! Since she's starting first grade she got to put her school supplies in her very own desk for the first time ever.

Sasha Loses Her First Tooth
Sasha Loses Her First Tooth

Jordan and Karlye got their first locker shelves and other assorted locker paraphernalia and got to arrange their lockers for the first time.

Charlie had his first doggy play date with our friends' miniature pinscher Pagoda and lived to tell the tale. (He's normally terrified of small dogs.)

And I did my first mud run! (Hopefully the first of many.) It was an absolute blast! For those of you who don't know, the fact that I paid money for an exercise related event, especially one that involved getting absolutely filthy, is totally amazing and completely unprecedented. Thank you Kerry for talking me into it! Here I am in all my muddy glory.