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Hello! I’m a freelance writer, have a couple of have a couple of books waiting to be written and love to blog about whatever happens to catch my fancy.

Writing has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. How many third graders do you know who write research papers for fun during summer vacation? Yeah…that was me. I’ve blogged off and on for over a decade, have written articles for a variety of publications and have done quite a bit of business related writing and editing including procedural manuals, press releases, website copy, client communications, marketing materials and social media marketing posts.

I also work as Operations and Marketing Manager for a small business with customers around the world.  In the course of my varied career I’ve worked for and with businesses in a variety of fields including software development and sales, publishing, entertainment, realty, direct sales, survey research, accounting and retail. Collaborating with small businesses owners and entrepreneurs to help their businesses grow and thrive is a challenge I truly enjoy.

I was born and raised in Madison, WI and am the oldest of nine (yes, nine!) children.  I graduated from the University of Wisconsin – Madison with a BA in English. While in college, I spent a semester abroad at St. Mary’s University College, London.

My husband and I live in a house in the country with our three kids and a dog.  Family and friends are the most important parts of my life, followed closely by books and music. I love spending time outside, find happiness in little things, and am always striving to live my life with faith, grace and mindfulness. I have way more interests than any one person should ever be allowed, and dabble in minimalism, gardening, herbal medicine, cooking from scratch whenever possible, making my own household and personal care products, yoga, photography, crochet and knitting, among other things. At least I’ll never be bored!

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Hannah Disch